This section of the website contains the latest news and press releases for the Global Day of Prayer 2012.  

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One Thousand Leaders To Carry The Torch For Wembley 2012
News article: 19th September 2011

Prime Minister Challenged to Support GDOP Wembley Gathering
News article: 8th September 2011

News Release From Global Day Of Prayer London
News article: 10th August 2011

Praying God’s Kingdom Upon the Streets, across Our Nation to STOP the Rioting
News article: 9th August 2011

GDOP London Calls All Leaders to Carry the Torch at Wembley Stadium
News article: 15th July 2011

The Heavens Open to End Drought As Christians Unite for Pentecost Sunday
News article: 21st June 2011

GDOP London calls for 50,000 twitter followers to tweet the Lord’s Prayer
News article - 9th June 2011

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