If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Several years ago, Jonathan Oloyede, a convert from Islam, had several vivid visions of renewal, revival and transformation coming to the UK. These included graphic pictures of Wembley Stadium filled to capacity with worshipping and praying Christians. The inspiration which sparked him into action was a vision of people all over the four Nations praying the Lord’s Prayer at the same time; in pubs, churches, schools, offices, homes and on the streets. As the Christians prayed in one accord, Light and Healing spread across the British Isles.

On the 20th February 2006, a significant group of Leaders from London and the nation met at Holy Trinity Brompton to listen to a vision for united prayer across the Capital and United Kingdom. The leaders jointly agreed to link this Prayer Initiative to Pentecost and the Global Day of Prayer movement which had originated out of South Africa in 2001.

On June 4th 2006, London held its first GDoP event at Westminster Chapel where just over 1,000 Christians joined an estimated 250 million Christians praying in 198 countries around the Globe.

The plans for 2007 were much bigger…

Throughout the entire year, hundreds of churches engaged in 24 hour prayer relays. The theme Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done envisioned that strong united prayer networks would be established in all of the 33 Boroughs in London. The Prayer Chain began at 12.Midnight December 31st 2006 and has continued unabated throughout 2007 up until today. As you read this letter, Christians this very moment are in prayer for you, London and the nation!!

On Pentecost Sunday May 27th 2007, 20,000 people from across the Church gathered together at West Ham FC where the stadium resounded with the thousands of Christians worshipping, praying and celebrating together. On that same day Christians in 204 nations had gathered to join in the Global day of Prayer.

In 2008 the prayer movement was recognised by Downing Street and Parliament. In acknowledgement of Global Day of Prayer’s increasing importance in the life of the Church and capital, the Prime Minister Gordon Brown held a reception ‘In honour of the Global Day of Prayer’ and the ’invaluable work of the churches in London’. The event on Pentecost Sunday once again saw thousands of Christians worshipping, praying, repenting and celebrating in the sweltering heat of Millwall Stadium. In attendance was the Capital’s new mayor Boris Johnson who shared his vision of how churches could work with him in stamping out gun and street crime. London and the UK joined 214 nations in prayer for our world. In response to the Mayor’s invitation and in light of the rising frequency of gun and knife crime the month of August saw the Global Day of Prayer London in partnership with the Peace Alliance, Premier Christian Media and hundreds of churches hold a Peace Prayer Relay for 33 consecutive nights. All the boroughs of London were involved with this prayer marathon making it an historic chain of events as prayers were offered for young people in our capital.

The vision continued into 2009…

We lead London into seven nights of prayer for young people early in the year to pre-empt the gun and knife crime surge. The fourth Global Day of Prayer in London saw all the 33 boroughs of the capital participate on Pentecost Sunday with over fifty celebrations and hundreds of churches praying together. We joined Christians in 220 countries (every nation in the world) in lifting Jesus as Lord over the whole Earth. Over 50,000 Christians were mobilised in prayer due to the various gatherings and services.

For 2010, GDOP London sort to mobilise 10, 000 Christians at West Ham Stadium into the Great Commission through the office of a National Evangelist along with organising Prayer events in all 33 boroughs of London. We also hope to mobilise 1 million believers everywhere to pray the Lord’s Prayer at noon daily.

It is our prayer that in response to this corporate national outcry the Lord will raise up inspired leaders and Christians who catalyse reform in the spheres of government, media, education, business, family life, justice and society. We truly believe that by informed prayer and appropriate action, this nation can be transformed by God.

Wembley 2012

All of the previous years are leading to the fulfillment of a vision to see Wembley filled with believers from all cultures, colours and creeds worshipping the Lord. There are plans to merge prayer and mission at Wembley and these are still being worked on in partnership with other organisations.

We hope that you would be inspired to support this vision for national transformation, renewal and revival.

To find out more about Wembley Day of Prayer and Praise on the 29th September 2012 visit the website:


Jonathan Oloyede
Convener Global Day of Prayer London

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