10,000 Young People Being Mobilised to Wembley 2012

10,000 Young People Being Mobilised to Wembley 2012

Youth ministries across the UK are empowering the next generation towards prayerand outreach, by mobilising 10,000 young people to join the 80,000 coming to theNational Day of Prayer and Worship at Wembley Stadium September 29, 2012.

One of the key youth movements heading up this campaign is Urban Saints:

“We are seeking to work alongside all national youth organisations,denominations and festivals to invite young people to be UNITED atWembley.  We believe that God has mandated us to carry a vision for revivaland to call the youth of our nation to rise up to what God is calling them to atthis time,” said Phil Hulks Cluster Development Director for Urban Saints.

One of the partners already supporting the UNITED youth initiative towardsWembley is Hope Revolution, which is the youth stream of HOPE Together.

Their director Phil Timson believes Wembley 2012 will build a key foundation forfuture mission the UK.

“HOPE Together is building towards a massive year of mission in 2014 andwe see Wembley 2012 as a fantastic opportunity of bringing young people togetherfrom right across the nation to be used by God as agents of change.”

Another main supporter of mobilising young people to come to Wembley 2012 isSoul Survivor. 

“We believe very strongly in the power of young Christians uniting inprayer. Therefore we stand united with other youth movements to encourage thisgeneration to gather at Wembley to pray and worship together and then go back totheir homes to do the stuff!” said Soul Survivor co-founder and leaderMike Pilavachi.
Linz West front man for the youth band LZ7 said:  “The National Dayof Prayer and Worship is going to be an amazing opportunity for young people toget together and pray for our nation, so I encourage everyone to bethere.”
“The vision I saw of many young people marching as an army is about to befulfilled at Wembley.  This nation is about to witness an explosion ofdynamic youth on fire for God and the kingdom,” said GDOP London ConvenerJonathan Oloyede.

Already that vision is starting to be fulfilled as many young people are beinginspired to come to Wembley 2012.  Pastor Jonathan Oloyede and the GDOPteam were in Portsmouth at the International Fellowship of Christian Studentsthis past weekend, where hundreds upon hundreds of young people from UKuniversities were invited to Wembley 2012.

You can follow the UNITED youth campaign via Facebook:


And Twitter:


Register today at www.gdoplondon.com

Christians are being encouraged to start mobilising their congregations to getinvolved in the National Day of Prayer and Worship by:

Informing every church member of the event and encouraging them to registertheir attendance as soon as possible at: www.gdoplondon.com

Appointing Wembley 2012 ambassadors, who will book coaches to bring down theirentire churches for the event.

The organisers are seeking Village, Town and City Ambassadors who will stand onbehalf of their region at Wembley.

Praying the Lord’s Prayer at noon every day.

Making a donation at www.gdoplondon.com
Call 08456 528 600 or email prayer@gdoplondon.com for moreinformation.
For further information and media enquires contact:
Peter Wooding: 01244 549167/07500 903067

Dr Jonathan Oloyede: 08456 528 600 / 07956 237 266

Kim Dopson, GDOP Executive Administrator: 08456 528 600

The Global Day of Prayer London (GDOP) is a movement of collaboration across theChristian Church in the capital towards Unity, Prayer and Transformation, and ispart of a global network which began in South Africa at the turn of theMillennium. In 2009 over 250 million Christians united in 220 countries to pray.In London, GDOP has been a focus of prayer and Christian action since 2006 withprayer networks now in every London borough. West Ham Stadium 07, MillwallFootball Stadium in 2008 and West Ham stadium in 2010 saw a combined attendanceof 40,000 Christians attending.

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