More than 40,000 Christians invited to Wembley 2012 at RCCG Festival of Life

More than 40,000 Christians invited to Wembley 2012 at RCCG Festival of Life

More than 40,000 Christians invited to Wembley 2012 at RCCG Festival ofLife

Tens of thousands of believers from the Redeemed Christian Church of God wereinvited to the National Day of Prayer and Worship, at the Excel centre inthe Olympic borough of Newham over the weekend.

40-50,000 Christians are reported to attend this twice-a-year all night prayervigil which starts at 8pm and ends around 5am.   

Some days before, Pastor Agu Irukwu and other leaders had urged over 2000 RCCGleaders to get behind the initiative and mobilise their churches to come toWembley stadium September 29, when up to 80,000 Christians are expected togather for a historic National Day of Prayer and Worship.

He said: “RCCG are keen to collaborate with others for the expansion ofGod’s Kingdom through Wembley 2012.” 

Earlier in the week the General Overseer Pastor Enoch Adeboye met with GDOPLondon Convener Dr Jonathan Oloyede to lend his support and prayers towardsWembley 2012. He prayed earnestly for the National Day of Prayer and Worship andreassured Dr Oloyede that RCCG were backing the event. 

Shortly afterwards, a cheque was issued towards the costs of hiring the stadium,making RCCG the first denomination to release funds in support of Wembley2012. 

Dr Sola Oludoyi RCCG National Prayer Coordinator and Representative for Wembley2012 said: “Scripture talks about how good and pleasant it is for brethrento dwell together in unity for there God commands a blessing.  So whereveror whoever you are, it doesn’t matter your stream, your denomination, aslong as you believe in Jesus Christ, you’ve got to be at the National Dayof Prayer and Worship.”


RCCG have issued via its Central Office an official document and action point toall its 600+ UK branches stating: In 2012, RCCG UK is activelyparticipating in The National Day of Prayer and Worship. Prepare andencourage others to attend at Wembley stadium on Saturday29th September 2012. This has been backed upwith the production of posters for all their local churches, displaying theevent along with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the LondonOlympics. 

Momentum continues to build as this follows the exciting news from Elim BibleWeek where over 2000 delegates were inspired to attend Wembley 2012 backed bySuperintendent John Glass and other national Elim leaders. 

GDOP London is now calling on Christians from every denomination, stream andnetwork to get behind Wembley 2012 by:

Registering today at


Informing every church member of the event and encouraging them to registertheir attendance as soon as possible at:


Appointing Wembley 2012 ambassadors, who will book coaches to bring down theirentire churches for the event.


The organisers are seeking Village, Town and City Ambassadors who will stand onbehalf of their region at Wembley.


Praying the Lord’s Prayer at noon every day.


Making a donation at


Call 08456 528 600 or email for moreinformation.


For further information and media enquires contact:


Peter Wooding: 01244 549167/07500 903067


Dr Jonathan Oloyede: 08456 528 600 / 07956 237 266


Kim Dopson, GDOP Executive Administrator: 08456 528 600


The Global Day of Prayer London (GDOP) is a movement of collaboration across theChristian Church in the capital towards Unity, Prayer and Transformation, and ispart of a global network which began in South Africa at the turn of theMillennium. In 2009 over 250 million Christians united in 220 countries to pray.In London, GDOP has been a focus of prayer and Christian action since 2006 withprayer networks now in every London borough. West Ham Stadium 07, MillwallFootball Stadium in 2008 and West Ham stadium in 2010 saw a combined attendanceof 40,000 Christians attending.



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